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Our definition of freedom is Seychelles. Where the tropical blue and green are bound by pearly white sands, postcard prime granite rock formations, and highlighted by the sun’s radiance. With silk, crystal clear waters lapping the side of the hull as gently as a 7-star resort swimming pool, the life at your underwater gaze beats every aquarium.

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Beyond The Reef

Beyond the Reef offers a variety of luxury vessels all with experienced crew, enabling guests to discover the 115 pristine and pure Seychelles islands.

Cruise in style, sail in luxury and discover the true beauty of Seychelles, while guided by our team of professionals. The timeless granite rock formations surrounded by dazzling white sand are best discovered onboard one of the luxury vessels in our fleet. Beyond the Reef and the professional team can curate the perfect itinerary for your once-in-a-lifetime Seychelles sojourn.

A Unique Approach To Experiential Travel

30ft Citation Sportfisher

36ft Silvercraft Sportfisher

36ft Touring Gulfcraft

63 ft Luxury Sailing Catamaran

75 FT Luxury Power Catamaran

Life Beyond The Reef

Whether it is for a romantic afternoon cruise to the National Marine Park, a 7 – day expedition to the far uninhabited Outer Islands of the Amirantes, or to experience one of the world’s top fishing destinations, our luxury fleet can provide you with that once-in-a-lifetime Seychelles vacation.

The Ultimate Vacation

Made up of 115 islands and 30 prominent rock formations scattered throughout a self-proclaimed exclusive ocean wonderland, spanning more than 1,350,000 square kilometres, this stunning Archipelago boasts timeless beauty with world-renowned beaches, bays and coves that exaggerate romance, adventure and spark exploration. A world untouched – let us take you Beyond the Reef.



Experience the Seychelles from up and close and immerse yourself in this untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora. From scuba diving and snorkelling, to bird watching, supping, kayaking, ocean safari adventures, blue water fishing, and watching the dolphins from the vessel, or simply just unwinding and soaking up some sun, we have something for everyone. 


Cruise in Style

Be it a slow day cruise to the sun-kissed secluded beach of your choice or a multi-day excursion overnighting in luxury with your closest companions, our motor and sailing catamarans are guaranteed to be unlike anything you have experienced before. Our highly skilled and attentive crew will assist you throughout your saltwater journey on board one of our luxury vessels.


Exclusive Packages

Select between perfectly curated packages, from half-day trips from La Digue to Sisters or Felicite Islands to enjoy the secluded beaches to full-day and multi-day cruises to the Amirantes, Albadbra, or Inner Islands. You could also book blue water fishing or fly fishing adventure, a driving excursion, or the popular sunset cruise to view the sun setting around Mahe as you sip on Prosecco accompanied by antipasto board.



Water transport between the different islands can be arranged with Beyond the Reef. Ideal for island-hopping, being chauffeured to the beautiful beaches on Mahe’s surrounding islands, or if you need to get to your staying at a different island based hotel.

Let Us Take You Beyond The Reef

Let us help you cruise in style, sail in luxury, and discover with our exceptional team of professionals while you take in the true beauty of the archipelago.

Whether you are looking for the perfect sunset marine park cruise, a multi-island hopping experience, exploring the inner and outer islands, an action-packed day of exploration, or experiencing an experiential trip of a lifetime, Beyond The Reef and our expert team can curate the perfect itinerary for your once in a lifetime Seychelles journey.

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