Blue Safari

Explore the open ocean for an unforgettable blue safari. Join our team for a trip to our offshore waters in search of various amazing wildlife.

Armed with snorkelling gear, you can watch on board our custom-built vessel or jump in the water for an all-around sensory experience. Our guides will advise you on the best course of action for the ultimate interaction. Expect to learn about a range of marine animals that could crop up on your adventure; however, many of the species are seasonal, and therefore, each and every trip is unique.

A sheer favourite amongst guests and staff alike are the sweethearts of the ocean, the dolphin, and we are a year-round home to a few pods of spinner dolphins. Other types of cetaceans have popped up sporadically over the years, and you might just be the lucky one to identify a new species for our records. Other sites to behold include migrating whales, the occasional whale shark, the graceful manta rays, throngs of hungry milkfish feeding on the bountiful supply of food on the surface just offshore from the reefs, and yellowfin tuna leaping from the water at sporadic bait balls. At the same time, birds join the frenzy from the skies above, green turtles surfacing to mate, and of course, a plethora of birds, both endemic and vagrant or migratory.