Scuba Diving

Explore some of the best scuba diving spots in the world with pristine coral reefs, magnificent aquatic landscapes, a marine diversity with a PADI Accredited Dive team.

Scuba diving in the Seychelles

The archipelago of Seychelles consists of 115 islands dotted over 1100 kilometers on the Indian Ocean. These islands are rich in healthy coral reefs and incredible granite formations. With breathtaking views, treasured wildlife, and a flourishing world under the ocean’s surface. More so, with the water Indian Ocean, clear waters that allow up to 50 metres of visibility, and an abundance of species, scuba diving in Seychelles is a spectacular experience.

Explore a world underneath the ocean’s surface

The vibrant and vivid marine life consists of green and hawksbill turtles, different species of game fish, manta rays, and other unique species. All of this is with expansive coral reefs, which can be explored by various experience levels (from beginners to advanced levels), giving a chance to introduce guests to the underwater wonders of Seychelles.

Some of the best scuba diving spots include Praslin, Mahe, and La Digue. In addition, there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of these is Praslin. Praslin is the home of the famous Coco-de-mer nut. The other diving spot is Aldabra, which is the world’s biggest raised coral atoll.