Seychelles offers incredible snorkelling for the whole family. While you drift through the warm waters, you have the chance to see brightly coloured fish, manta rays, turtles, and other marine species among the pristine and unbleached coral reefs, which include sea fans and coral bommies.
Explore the untouched islands and atolls’ unparalleled marine biodiversity with pelagic fish species and larger predators which makes their way up from the deep. More so, you can see up to 15 different moray eels, but also crabs, shrimps, and nudibranchs.
Enjoy this leisurely excursion as part of a day trip or as an overnight stay on one of our luxury vessels.

Best equipment

Guests get access to the best snorkelling equipment, which is comfortable, safe, and reliable. The equipment is also available in different sizes that are suitable for all ages. The equipment includes snorkels, masks, and fins.
Besides having access to specialised gear, our guests, a team of knowledgeable divers, will guide you to ensure a memorable snorkelling experience.