Why You Should Book a Yacht Charter Vacation Now

Mark your calendars: Christmas is less than two months away. And international travel is fast recovering, with an increase of 60% on pre-pandemic figures. One region that is particularly hungry for international travel is the United States.

Notwithstanding the Seychelles being a long-haul travel destination for Americans, this tropical destination remains on the bucket list for many. Entry is made easier with the overall relaxation of the COVID-19 regulations. A Covid vaccination or a negative PCR test is the only remaining requirement.

The best way to explore the Seychelles

Even though the Seychelles is an exotic destination many tourists crave privacy and exclusivity. In many cases this can’t be obtained when cruising near the popular islands such as La Digue (or closer to Mahé itself). This is also understandable, since La Digue offers the world’s most scenic locations. In fact, the world’s most photographed beach is located on La Digue, namely Anse Source D’Argent.

Anse Source D’Argent, located southwest of La Digue is a sight to behold. Massive granite boulders stand proudly above the golden sand and turquoise water. Access to the beaches is through the old L’Union Estate coconut plantation, unless you access the beach from the shoreline. Travelling by yacht does offer you that advantage as it’s easy to take a yacht to reach the magical beach.

Experience flexibility, luxury and adventure

When you book a hotel room, you know what you will experience. If we speak of a 5-star hotel its will be a room with a panoramic ocean view, a king-sized bed, and the standard array of facilities the hotel can offer. Then again, most of these deluxe elements can also be found on a luxury yacht, such as MV Quo Vadis.

MV Quo Vadis is a 75 foot (22.86 m) 750E power catamaran yacht, which offers guests four king luxury cabins, which can also be converted into twin en-suite cabins. Additionally, there is plenty of living space, ranging from the open-plan saloon, the spacious deck with trampoline, to the comfortable lounge area. However, a yacht such as the Quo Vadis offers guests something unique that many upmarket hotels can’t offer – ultimate privacy. This is what you can rely on when you look out onto the crystal clear waters and see no other tourists. In fact, coming across one other vessel during your trip on the open waters would be as much as you would experience.

Experience the activities

The archipelago of the Seychelles offers 119 islands and atolls. Each island is richly diverse, from fauna and creatures found on the land, to the diversity of fish species found in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. One of Seychelles’ most famous residents must be the Aldabra giant tortoise, found on North Island. However, other well-known creatures can be found underwater, particularly attracting the attention of fly fishermen. The outer islands, especially, have become renowned as the fly fishing paradise of serious fly fishermen, each trying to tick off the saltwater fish species found in these waters, from giant trevally, moustache triggerfish, bonefish, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, to the most prized, a permit. However, besides fly fishing and bluewater fishing, there are many other activities to revel in.

Other popular water sport activities

There are many water-sport activities you can take part in when visiting Seychelles. These include scuba diving, snorkelling, and canoeing. Just imagine snorkelling in crystal clear water that is 25 – 30 degrees, and swimming with manta rays or sailfish. Towards the Amirante Islands you can experience this memorable snorkelling, which you really can’t do elsewhere in the world. When you go out diving or snorkelling with the crew of Beyond the Reef, you will have professional PADI-qualified staff assisting you. Your master divers will not only assist you, but provide you with the best equipment to make the experience feel effortless.

Explore the waters on board a 75ft power catamaran motor yacht

The crown of Beyond the Reef is the sleek 75ft motor catamaran yacht, Quo Vadis, fully fitted for extended periods on the ocean. This catamaran has four en-suite twin or king luxury cabins, as well as plenty of living space. There is an open-plan saloon and gallery, spacious deck seating and a trampoline, as well as a large deck complete with dining space and BBQ; also the bridge seating and luxurious lounge area. Besides being on a luxury waterborne hotel, there are other unique benefits of travelling on board the MV Quo Vadis. With Quo Vadis you can travel to pristine beaches, away from the normal tourist hubs. You can escape to magical destinations such as the beaches to the south-west of La Digue, normally only accessed by way of the old L’Union Estate coconut plantation.

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